Monday, 19 April 2010

Brackley Craft Fair - April 2010

This Saturday I was at Brackley Craft Fair, I love doing this fair so I can see some of my friends but this weekend it was rather slow going for me, which means the rest of the weekend I spent contemplating craft fairs.

Here is my stall (I did hide the ikea bags after the photo was taken!)

and my friends Zenia from Handmade By Zenia and Jenny from Jemini Crafts stall (no point in hiding girls!)

Maybe you could leave a comment about what you think about fairs (any), my stall and any suggestions on how we can all make fairs better.



Hippy at Heart said...

Very nice looking stall there. Lovely

dottydaisies said...

Hi sarah , your stall looks lovely ,really summery.I think Craft fairs are hit and miss and its all in the advertising - some people think they will be full of the obligatory wooden bowls and WI makes ( no offence to either !) .The only tip I can give which I have found works is making sure you have items that cost a few pounds , it does attract people and can make the difference between a profit or not x

Mia said...

I think it looks great!! It's so bright and very eye catching :) I have only done one fair and my table looked no where near as good as that! I can't really comment on improvements as I'm not very experienced but just thought I'd say it looks great to me!!


GiddyStuff said...

I haven't done a fair since before Christmas! Your stall looks fab (even with the IKEA bags)! Only advice I can offer is to have things on the stall that children will like! That's how my money goes!

Bliss Knits said...

I agree: your stall looks lovely!

I've been doing a monthly craft fair for a while now and things have been very slow so far this year. The last one I did (at the beginning of April) was much better though so hopefully sales are picking up. I think the nicer weather is bringing people's purses out! Hang in there!

handmade by zenia said...

Your store looked fab on Saturday, the most colourful one there. Don't be too disheartened on not making much profit that day, still early in the year.

Leanne said...

I only wish I could ever have managed to get my stall looking that good.

It's still early in the year though and markets can be hit and miss even in the height of Summer too. At least the market you went to seems to have been all handmade, I've noticed the ones local to me letting more and more resellers in because the crafters are getting more particular about which markets they'll pay for and I suppose the organisers have to fill the places somehow.

Doesn't half make it difficult to find a good market though:(

polkadotsandblooms said...

Congratulations of being featured in the magazine. Looks fantastic. Well done!