Friday, 23 July 2010

Folksy Friday

This week sees the start of our summer holidays from school so I decided to cheer us up my Folksy Friday would be...... BEACH HUTS

A Pretty Beach Hut Filled with organic lavender by Pants and Paper

Handpainted Beach hut greeting card by Original Art by Clare

Framed driftwood beach hut collage by Kirsty Elson

Beach hut napkins by Charlotte Macey Textiles

Hope you have enjoyed a trip to the beach


Tuesday, 20 July 2010

3 Years ago....

my Baby Boy, Noah looked like this...

I can't quite believe its been 3 years! and what a gorgeous boy you have grown into!

Although you drive me crazy and I sometimes say that you are annoying, I love you more than words can say and I wouldn't want my world without you

You always put a smile on peoples faces just by being your cheeky self, you brighten up the worst days and because of you I see things in a completely different way.

So on this day I wish you Happy Birthday and hope you continue to be the sunshine in my life

Monday, 19 July 2010

Beautiful Dress

Over the weekend I found out that I had won a beautiful dress from the wonderful All About The Boys, the dress is by Poppy and I can't wait to see Grace in it!

Just in time for Noahs Birthday BBQ at the weekend, can't believe my baby boy is turning 3 tomorrow!

Oh and why not try winning yourself something as Karen has another competition running to win some books


Sunday, 11 July 2010

Fruits of our labour

We will really miss the fruit trees and veg patch when we move and heres the reason why!

We didn't get any cherries last year as the birds beat us to it so this year I suggested we threw a fruit net over the tree to see what happened and as you can see it worked, we didn't get many as it is a small tree but at least we didn't lose them to the birds as I LOVE CHERRIES!

Also you can see we are now starting to pick raspberries with loads more to come, loganberries, gooseberries, our dwarf beans are starting to produce and our first runner bean! The bean plants look like they need to grow a lot more but hopefully they will continue to produce well into the summer and fingers crossed once we move too as we will be taking them with us (suggestions on how to do it are welcome!).


Saturday, 10 July 2010

Force India F1 Summer BBQ 2010

Today was the Force India Summer BBQ and what a day it has been. The company decided to have a family BBQ at the factory next to the Silverstone circuit whilst watching the qualifying on big screens in a huge marquee with the rather loud hum of the cars in the background and helicopters flying overhead. We turned up not knowing what to expect but it was great, there was a bouncy castle for the kids, sports day races, drink, hog roast, BBQ, 2 race cars to look at and photo, raffle, and face painting....

and at the end look who turned up and signed the kids trophies (they won at the sports day races)

VJ Mallya (the owner of Force India) who thought Noah was a bit of a cutie

Tonio Luizzi

and Adrian Sutil (who gave Grace a huge hug)

Oh and in case you are wondering Adrian is scrummy! Sorry Rob but its true!!!!


Monday, 5 July 2010

In all the madness...

Alot of you will know that I am having to move house. I have loved living in my little paradise where the kids can run free in the paddock, we can enjoy the sunshine in a beautiful garden and enjoy the fruits (and veg) of our labour from the fruit trees and veg patch. Unfortunately our landlord has now sold the house and we are currently looking for a new house to call home (hopefully for only a year whilst I get my PGCE and then its onwards and upwards!).
Even with all this happening we decided to continue to grow some fruit and veg for this summer (hopefully we will be able to harvest some of it and take the rest with us) so we have planted strawberry plants (of which we have not had any strawberries!) we had other soft fruit already planted and are eagerly awaiting the raspberries, gooseberries and currents that are ripening beautifully.

We also planted some dwarf beans

some runner beans

Some tomatoes (which I have been sending plants out in the post to several other twitter and blog favs of mine so would love to know how theirs are doing)

We have also got some other bits and pieces but this was a complete surprise and was saved from being strimmed and how pleased I am now that it was noticed and yes it will be dug up and taken with us!


Friday, 2 July 2010

Folksy Friday

As I have been working on something with butterflies on I decided my folksy friday will be all about Butterflies.
This beautiful scarf is by Broomhead Designs

How cute is this bookmark by Jinja Jewellery

Something new but extremely gorgeous from Pants and Paper

And how bright & colourful is this brooch from Applique Originals

Maybe soon I'll be able to show you what I've been working on