Monday, 5 July 2010

In all the madness...

Alot of you will know that I am having to move house. I have loved living in my little paradise where the kids can run free in the paddock, we can enjoy the sunshine in a beautiful garden and enjoy the fruits (and veg) of our labour from the fruit trees and veg patch. Unfortunately our landlord has now sold the house and we are currently looking for a new house to call home (hopefully for only a year whilst I get my PGCE and then its onwards and upwards!).
Even with all this happening we decided to continue to grow some fruit and veg for this summer (hopefully we will be able to harvest some of it and take the rest with us) so we have planted strawberry plants (of which we have not had any strawberries!) we had other soft fruit already planted and are eagerly awaiting the raspberries, gooseberries and currents that are ripening beautifully.

We also planted some dwarf beans

some runner beans

Some tomatoes (which I have been sending plants out in the post to several other twitter and blog favs of mine so would love to know how theirs are doing)

We have also got some other bits and pieces but this was a complete surprise and was saved from being strimmed and how pleased I am now that it was noticed and yes it will be dug up and taken with us!



Karen Jones said...

Great post. We are one of Sarah's lucky recipients of tomato plants. We are waiting eagerly to see our toms arrive. Thank you once again, will be sure to send pics xxx

Anna said...

how beautiful is that!!
all the veggies are coming along nicely too...oh i wish i had a garden i cant wait to be growing things xx

GiddyStuff said...

That flower is beautiful, it looks like it's been made from pink tissue paper. And i'm very jealous of your dwarf beans, I forgot to plant some this year!