Sunday, 11 July 2010

Fruits of our labour

We will really miss the fruit trees and veg patch when we move and heres the reason why!

We didn't get any cherries last year as the birds beat us to it so this year I suggested we threw a fruit net over the tree to see what happened and as you can see it worked, we didn't get many as it is a small tree but at least we didn't lose them to the birds as I LOVE CHERRIES!

Also you can see we are now starting to pick raspberries with loads more to come, loganberries, gooseberries, our dwarf beans are starting to produce and our first runner bean! The bean plants look like they need to grow a lot more but hopefully they will continue to produce well into the summer and fingers crossed once we move too as we will be taking them with us (suggestions on how to do it are welcome!).



Angela said...

What a wonderful crop, and the promise of so much still to come, lovely!

wellydog said...

Isn't it wonderful to eat what you have grown, well done on the cherries we loose ours every year

GiddyStuff said...

Things always taste better when you've grown them yourself, no matter whether it's one or two tiny carrits or a glut of courgettes!