Thursday, 28 May 2009

Monsters and Keyfobs

Well, I have finally taken the plunge and washed the monster t-shirt and I was pleasently surprised as the colours didn't run, I put a colour catcher in with it and there was nothing on the catcher. Also the sparkle seemed to stay on the t-shirt too, I don't know how many washes that would last but it looked like none had come off.
Yesterday I tried out one of my ideas that had kept me up most of the night, it was a keyfob but instead of just stuffing it with toy stuffing I added some lavender only problem now is that I keep smelling my keys and that just looks strange! Anyhow, showed some friends and they all liked it so made a couple more this morning ready for selling at the craft fairs I have lined up for the next few months.

Really need to get some more stock together so will be making more of these over the next few days and maybe some other bits and pieces, but it all depends on whether we go down to Mamas and Dandads for the weekend as they live near the beach and we have been promising to go for a little while!

Will keep you updated with all that is new and yummy/xxx

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Little Monsters

Well yesterday my 2 were good as gold playing nicely together which meant I could get on and make something.

I have used craft felt as an experiment and have yet to wash it to see what happens! The monsters body is made from sparkly orange felt so even if it washes ok it will be interesting to see if the sparkle washes off. But I am pleased with it and if the felt doesn't work I will just have to try again with some other material.

Didn't sleep well last night as I had loads of ideas going round in my head and I had left my design book downstairs, after 3 hours of being awake and jotting things down I finally made it back upstairs and into bed so feeling quite tired today but am looking forward to my friends coming over to test an idea out, more of that to follow later!

Now as the kids are playing nicely again, maybe I should start on some of those ideas from last night!

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Busy Weekend

Well this weekend has been rather busy but have really enjoyed it.

Saturday I started rather early at 8am, I had put the aga on the night before as this weekend was my best friend Tories little boys Christening and I had promised to make all the sweet stuff. So in went 2 chickens to be roasted, then the ham went in a big pan on top with bay leaves (from the garden), peppercorns, and lots of water, and I boiled it for 2 hours (rinsing it every half an hour!) I then roasted it in the bottom oven for 5 hours marinating it in honey and orange juice, and oh my was it yummy!!!

Once I had sorted all that out, I got on with making cupcakes and tartlets. I made 60 cupcakes of which I decorated 50 for the Christening. I also made 75 tartlets, 50 I made into white chocolate and mascarpone tarts with fruit on top and 25 into lemon tarts. I also made a large white chocolate and mascarpone tart, 2 chocolate roulades, and a large "death by chocolate" cake. Finally I finished at 8pm, was worried I hadn't done enough as wasn't quite sure how many people would be going to the Christening, but I was tired and everything thing looked lovely.

Ok so Saturday over, it was Sunday the day of the Christening and I was up at 6:30 putting the finishing touches to the puddings and getting them over to the hall.

I also managed to finish off the present.

Might pop back later to show you what I did yesterday.


Thursday, 21 May 2009

Disasterous craft week

well, this week has been a bit of a disaster so far for doing any textiles. Sunday evening I did some designing in my design book, made especially for me by an artist friend of mine,which is not unusual but I was really pleased with it as it was something I wanted to do for one of my best friends boys Christening. started, first my son was sick over night and then both son and daughter decided to be ill all Monday, they slept all day, didn't eat and was just unwell, high temperatures, etc, thought son had meningitus at one point as a rash appeared on his tummy but thankfully it passed the glass test. But they are still not right and its Thursday so am taking them to the doctors today.
But all this means that I have been looking after 2 ill children all week and not having time to do any creativity, I did manage a small amount but it was the quiet part but now I have to get the machine going, and am hoping to do that today.
I did get something done last night but not textiles. My family are renting a house at the moment that has almost an acre of garden so last night hubby got the tractor out and mowed the paddock and I got into the fruit patch which was slowly being taken over by stingers and other weeds, so we went out at 8pm and didn't come in until it was too dark to do any more. At least my rhubarb can now grow without fighting the stingers and I have made a good start on the patch with the redcurrants, blackcurrants and gooseberry plants, went all the way round just got to get inbetween the plants and pull out the rest of the stingers.
I realise this was a long post without any pictures so I thought I would add a few things that I finished a while ago and been selling at the fairs I have been going to.

Ok, that was a long post, but hopefully I will be back soon with something a bit more exciting to show you, well I'm excited about it but we will have to wait and see if it works!

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Who am I

Well, I thought to start with I would introduce myself.

I am a wife to Rob and a full time Mum of 2, Grace and Noah but at some point we would love more. I used to be an engineer working at Airbus, working on the design of the A380 but since having children and hubby getting a new job working within Formula 1 we have had to move and I am a full time mum with a passion for craft. I started out with card making, specialising in wedding stationery but went back to my roots of textiles recently, making clothes for my little ones.

I will post information as to what I am doing but for now here are some photos of me and my family. Hope you come back soon to see what I'm up to, but for now thanks for reading/xxx

Here Goes.....

well, this is my first time blogging. I have been reading blogs for a while now and thought it about time that I share a bit of myself with the blogging community. Not sure how often or how long I will blog for but I'm willing to try most things once so we will just have to see how it goes.