Thursday, 21 May 2009

Disasterous craft week

well, this week has been a bit of a disaster so far for doing any textiles. Sunday evening I did some designing in my design book, made especially for me by an artist friend of mine,which is not unusual but I was really pleased with it as it was something I wanted to do for one of my best friends boys Christening. started, first my son was sick over night and then both son and daughter decided to be ill all Monday, they slept all day, didn't eat and was just unwell, high temperatures, etc, thought son had meningitus at one point as a rash appeared on his tummy but thankfully it passed the glass test. But they are still not right and its Thursday so am taking them to the doctors today.
But all this means that I have been looking after 2 ill children all week and not having time to do any creativity, I did manage a small amount but it was the quiet part but now I have to get the machine going, and am hoping to do that today.
I did get something done last night but not textiles. My family are renting a house at the moment that has almost an acre of garden so last night hubby got the tractor out and mowed the paddock and I got into the fruit patch which was slowly being taken over by stingers and other weeds, so we went out at 8pm and didn't come in until it was too dark to do any more. At least my rhubarb can now grow without fighting the stingers and I have made a good start on the patch with the redcurrants, blackcurrants and gooseberry plants, went all the way round just got to get inbetween the plants and pull out the rest of the stingers.
I realise this was a long post without any pictures so I thought I would add a few things that I finished a while ago and been selling at the fairs I have been going to.

Ok, that was a long post, but hopefully I will be back soon with something a bit more exciting to show you, well I'm excited about it but we will have to wait and see if it works!

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