Thursday, 28 May 2009

Monsters and Keyfobs

Well, I have finally taken the plunge and washed the monster t-shirt and I was pleasently surprised as the colours didn't run, I put a colour catcher in with it and there was nothing on the catcher. Also the sparkle seemed to stay on the t-shirt too, I don't know how many washes that would last but it looked like none had come off.
Yesterday I tried out one of my ideas that had kept me up most of the night, it was a keyfob but instead of just stuffing it with toy stuffing I added some lavender only problem now is that I keep smelling my keys and that just looks strange! Anyhow, showed some friends and they all liked it so made a couple more this morning ready for selling at the craft fairs I have lined up for the next few months.

Really need to get some more stock together so will be making more of these over the next few days and maybe some other bits and pieces, but it all depends on whether we go down to Mamas and Dandads for the weekend as they live near the beach and we have been promising to go for a little while!

Will keep you updated with all that is new and yummy/xxx

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