Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Busy Weekend

Well this weekend has been rather busy but have really enjoyed it.

Saturday I started rather early at 8am, I had put the aga on the night before as this weekend was my best friend Tories little boys Christening and I had promised to make all the sweet stuff. So in went 2 chickens to be roasted, then the ham went in a big pan on top with bay leaves (from the garden), peppercorns, and lots of water, and I boiled it for 2 hours (rinsing it every half an hour!) I then roasted it in the bottom oven for 5 hours marinating it in honey and orange juice, and oh my was it yummy!!!

Once I had sorted all that out, I got on with making cupcakes and tartlets. I made 60 cupcakes of which I decorated 50 for the Christening. I also made 75 tartlets, 50 I made into white chocolate and mascarpone tarts with fruit on top and 25 into lemon tarts. I also made a large white chocolate and mascarpone tart, 2 chocolate roulades, and a large "death by chocolate" cake. Finally I finished at 8pm, was worried I hadn't done enough as wasn't quite sure how many people would be going to the Christening, but I was tired and everything thing looked lovely.

Ok so Saturday over, it was Sunday the day of the Christening and I was up at 6:30 putting the finishing touches to the puddings and getting them over to the hall.

I also managed to finish off the present.

Might pop back later to show you what I did yesterday.


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