Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Christmas 2009

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas, we went to my Mums and had a very enjoyable time. The kids were really happy and were extremely pleased with what Father Christmas bought them! (sorry for quality of photos I think I might have to get a new camera in 2010 hint hint!!!)

Although I'm not sure who enjoyed the spaceman outfit more, Noah or Grandad!!!

I also thought I would show you what I firstly made for my family and then decided to make for 3 of my followers who won my Christmas Giveaway, the reason for me making these were 1) they are so damn cute 2) they were wonderfully dotty for Becky at dotsandspots and 3) I had run out of stock over the Christmas fairs so had nothing to give away! The design is from a wonderful lady and friend called Brenda Walker.

Today I'm suffering with a cold but am in the process of designing and making for next year so keep coming back and I might show you some sneaky previews!!! Thanks for all your support in making 2009 good and I hope that you will love my new items even more making 2010 a great year!


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