Monday, 7 December 2009

more fairs and Sutil

This weekend I did some more Christmas Fairs and they were the worst ones this year. But I have a theory... those that have been buying before this weekend are well prepared so have now finished or are close to finishing their shopping. Now although I'm quite a Christmassy person with all my decorations up I have noticed that its not very Christmassy out there and I haven't done much shopping and I think there are lots of people out there feeling the same. So this weekend I'm doing my last fair at Brackley Town Hall, I'm really looking forward to it and gonna try to make it a good one.

Now as you've seen plenty of photos of my stall I thought I would also tell you about my Saturday evening. Grandma and Grandad came up and looked after the little ones so that Rob and I could go out to his Christmas do, and boy was it good, I got all dressed up and almost as soon as I walked in I was stood next to the most gorgeous man in the company and no it wasn't Rob!!! It was of course Adrian Sutil!!! The evening was great, everything free which is definately the way it should be, 5 course meal (food ok but waitressing was really bad, wanted to get up and organise!) but I think one of the best bits was the dodgems!

Need to do a bit more for Saturdays Fair whilst also childminding and getting ready for an Ofsted inspection on Monday!

Don't forget its the last week to enter my Christmas Free Prize Drawer, so go and check out my Folksy and Etsy Shops and buy something, there are lots of items that are stocking filler prices!


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