Monday, 5 October 2009

Christmas Givaway

Ok, so I thought what is the best thing about Christmas...... Christmas trees, lights, baubles, Christmas dinner, Father Christmas, presents? Well I decided it was the act of giving a present. So from now till 12th December 2009 (my last event day) if you buy something from my website or from me at an event and leave your details I will put your name into a hat and pick out a lucky winner for a surprise present and I won't be revealing what it is until recieved and opened! (It won't be the cake pictured as I made it for Christmas 2004, I just thought it looked yummy!)

The rules are easy, one entry per purchase, so if you buy something from me at an event and then come back and buy some more from my website you will get 2 entries. Therefore the more times you come back and purchase the more chances of winning. (This doesn't mean an entry per item).

You must leave your details so that I can contact you.

Christmas Free Drawer will close on Saturday 12th December 2009 and the winner will be announced on this blog shortly after.

Good Luck/xxx

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theothermousie said...

Your blog is wonderful, you have just the right mix of things I enjoy reading! Of course we both have excellent taste in names too... I'm Sarah, I have a Tess, Bram... and a Noah too!!

Take Care xxx