Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Saturdays Fair

Although I'm better (not being ill) I still don't feel great and definately don't have any motivation, so am struggling to make anything for the craft fair I have coming up on Saturday. Main problem is what to make. Loads of ideas going around in my head and on my list of things to make but I just can't quite decide what will sell well on Saturday. I have my usuals to take with me, although some of those are running low and I now have some Christmas decorations to take too (not all designs are made yet) but was thinking about some gifts for Christmas. Do I make teapot cosies, lavender pouches (my little plain pouches sell well but they are really cheap and I was thinking about making some really nice linen patterned ones), more hanging lavender ornaments (thinking birdies to add to the hearts), notebooks with material covers, more brooches, bags, pencil/makeup cases, keyfobs, oh the list is endless and starting to trouble me.

Another thing that is worrying me is my display as I have t-shirts and aprons I want to hang up and as you can see when I was outside during the Summer I was able to hang them on my gazebo but now its cold and I'm inside for most of my fairs I need to come up with a way to display everything. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

I have a couple of ideas for promotion at the fairs including my Christmas Giveaway (which I've decided to also include anyone that adds a comment on any post, and there will probably be more than 1 pressy too depending on numbers). But as I'm booked in for eleven between now and Christmas with the possibility of 2 more I really need to make more.

Right maybe if I go and sew some more buttons on to the trees that need to be finished some inspiration will come to me and if not then hopefully someone will comment with some suggestions.


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