Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Follower Giveaway

As I write I have 10 fantastic followers, its great to feel like there are people out there reading my witterings and coming back for more. And all this has happened in the past couple of weeks. To celebrate my followers I have decided to hold a little giveaway, as soon as I reach 20 followers I will put you all in a hat and pick out a lucky winner. So come on everyone start following and be in for a chance to win a little something special! Oh and don't forget that if you leave a comment or buy something from me you will also get a chance to win the Christmas Giveaway !



Jenny McCormac said...

OK, working out how to follow you !

Goth Honey said...

Hi Sarah

Your products look lovely, will you be adding more to your website? I saw a photo of the lovely gifts that you sent to Sarah at theothermousie and they looked great!


Sarah said...


Thanks, I am going to be adding most of those items to my website, (just waiting for hubby to sort it out!!!), was there anything you wanted? Find me on Twitter if you want to talk or email me at