Thursday, 8 October 2009

Autumn and Angels and Herons

Looked out of my window this morning to this.

Beautiful colours being made even better with a splash of sunshine! I love the colours of Autumn, they are so vibrant and warm. Whilst I was out and busying myself in the garden I took these. Another splash of colour, trailing geraniums, they have been flowering all Summer, not many flowers but just a little splash of colour next to my back door,

and now they have been joined on the other side of the door by these, Grace wanted some pretty purple flowers and chose these at the garden centre on Sunday when we were out purchasing bird seed.

Plus all over the back of our house we have these, lovely black (wine) grapes. These ones are hanging over the back door, so I took them looking out of the house.

Before I move on to talk about Angels, I just had to say OMG, got up to check on Grace, walked past patio doors and saw a heron sitting on our patio looking into our pond! He flew off before I could grab the camera but lets hope he returns so I can get a photo!

Right Angels, have been playing around with this idea for months now, trying to get it right for Christmas and I think I've been looking at them too long, so I need some advice, please. Have decided I like the shape and wings on the white and red spotty one but not sure about the face and do they need something else? Hands? Button? ribbon? ahhhhh, told you I need help! and I would very much like to have some to take to Brackley Craft Fair next weekend.

Thanks for all your help, pop back to see more of what I've been doing soon, and remember my Christmas present giveaway for all those purchases from my website and events!
** Thanks for the lovely comment Alex, I should have said that the Wings are white glittery felt, so have a really pretty sparkle to them which definately doesn't show up in the photos xxx **

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Anonymous said...

Hey Sarah- they are really sweet.I think they would be even better if they just had something to lift them a bit more. I reckon some sort of glitter- maybe some glitter glue around the edge of the wings? They are great as they are though so if you don't have time etc- I would still take them like that!

Love Alex x