Monday, 19 October 2009

Pumpkin T-Shirt

Can't believe it, I've just managed to sew up a pumpkin t-shirt. I had to come up with a design, cut out the felt and sew it on to the t-shirt and I managed to do it all since Rob got home (an hour ago). Anyway it will be going into a shop, just not sure which am thinking I might put it onto etsy as something different. It will be £8 with £1.50 p&p and is a size 18-24 months. My kiddies love these t-shirts and so do all my nephews and nieces. If this one doesn't take your fancy have a look on my website as I have plenty of other designs and can also make things to order. Sorry the photo is a bit dark but I couldn't wait till tomorrow to take it.

Hopefully now I have my childminding a bit more organised I will be able to find some more time for sewing so keep coming back to see what I've come up with as I have a lot of ideas just waiting to come to life!


* I've now put it in my etsy shop so please go and look, fingers crossed it sells*


theothermousie said...

Oooh I LOVE it!!!! I love pumpkins anyway - but this one looks especially cute - hee hee!

Make sure you hurry & upload it to your shops in time for Halloween & of course tweet about it too.

Take care

Sarah xxx

dottydaisies said...

lovely t shirt sarah x