Thursday, 15 October 2009

Twitter Friends

So recently I've started to Twitter and I've realised I'm not the only mad one out there!!! Its a great place to meet like minded people and I have met a fantastic lady. Its amazing we have only just met but its like we've know each other for years, anyway she is also called Sarah and has a son called Noah which is how we started talking. She also has 2 other babes, a hubby and she makes the most fantastic Itty Bitty Sock Kitties!!!! She has a fantastic blog, full of inspiration, recipes and family, plus she loves CAKE!!!! So please go take a look at her blog theothermousie, thanks Sarah for being such a lovely friend.

Plus don't forget any comment, sale either on my website or at any event means that you will get a chance to win a Christmas Present.



theothermousie said...

Aww thank you!! I really do feel like I've known you for ages too! We've shared so much over the past week haven't we?!! I'm sure we'll share many more things over the years to come too xxx

Anonymous said...

I think the Angle christmas deocration are really nice. Have you thought about putting names on them? Might see you at the Craft Fair in Brackley. Alison x