Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Sing little Birdie, Sing

I've had an idea for a while and drew out a pattern a few weeks ago, but as with alot of my ideas it got put on my to do list and I haven't got around to making it a reality. This changed today as I finally had a reason to make it. As part of my 20 followers giveaway I decided (on Twitter) to give an extra something to numbers 15 and 16, well they were Oddsox and Kate. Kate please can you contact me as I would love to send you a little something. Having been in contact with Oddsox I found out she had seen some of my goodies here so I asked what had caught her eye and the reply was that she has a soft spot for birdies. Well that was easy she will be getting one of the little birdie lavender pouches but thats not all, as I said I finally got a reason to make this.....

So as an extra Thank you for giving me the reason to try this out I'm sending it to you Oddsox, I really hope you like it. They are made using a big paperclip type bookmark and some thick handmade felt, both were bought here, although the felt was given to me as a little bag of scraps! And I think I will be making a few more to add to my shops as I think they are kinda cute, let me know what you think.



odd.sox said...

Sarah, thank you so much! The birdie bookmark is lovely - I'll be using him in my bird watching book that I keep close to the back door - Perfect!

odd.sox said...

Hi Sarah - me again! Well my parcel has arrived and I love the things you've chosen for me. Your embroidered birdie lavender pouches are gorgeous - you must put some in your shops! Thank you so much - it certainly brightened my Tuesday up.
Shaz. x