Thursday, 14 January 2010

Meet Albie

My new venture for this year are kits as I thought others would like to have a go at making some yummy things for themselves. Here is my first one, his name is Albie (Owl-be)(sorry about the photo, it was dark but I wanted to show him off) he will be available in kit form soon and I might even get around to making some to sell too for those who just can't wait.

Please let me know what you think of Albie and what other colour hats you might like to see him wearing (I can't promise anything but I will do my best).

I am now working on my next kit or 3! And I hope to bring them to you very soon.

If you want to pre-order an Albie kit, that is before he hits my folksy or etsy shops, then please leave me a comment as I will be doing a special offer.



Swirlyarts said...

Albie is wonderful :) I think he would look good in a purple hat but that is because purple is my favourite colour :)

theothermousie said...

Awwww Albie is gorgeousness itself! Well done you on your design xxx

Pollyorange said...

Aw I adore him! (and of course I love his name!!) :))