Wednesday, 26 August 2009

Parties and Family

So this weekend we went down to Mums as it was my stepdads 60th Birthday. He is a very special person and my kids, especially Noah, absolutely love him to pieces. I miss my family alot and enjoy every minute when I'm with them, I just wish I lived closer!

So we spent some time down the beach watching the birdman of Worthing, I had my hair cut short!!! and we worked hard for Stepdads 60th Party, it was great and everyone enjoyed themselves.

Sunday was a day of cleaning, relaxing and spending time with the kids in the garden. I gave Mum one of my Poppy textile pieces which she showed off at the party and I gave my nephews a t-shirt each, so Sunday all 4 kids wore their t-shirts and I think they liked them. Aren't they cute!!!

Only 2 weeks to go before Grace goes back to Nursery so am going to enjoy time with them and then when she is back at nursery I will start my Christmas collection, unless I get fidgety fingers and just have to make something. Will keep you updated as to how its going.


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