Friday, 19 February 2010

Friday Favourites 7/2010

Todays Friday Favourites is going to be all about FELT, I love felt but especially the soft snuggly felt, I love the colours you can get and the items you can make, the fact it doesn't fray and that if you don't mind a little mess you can make it yourself. And in no particular order:

My first Felty Favourite is Sarah at Paper and String, her felt is really soft and comes in different sizes, she also has a new workshop which I'm extremely jealous of, and she has a wonderful blog with a great giveaway each month.

Second on my list is Laura (Lupin) at Bugs and Fishes, again her felt is gorgeous, her items she makes are beautiful and sometimes quirky and her blog is entertaining!

Third is Jenny at The Felted Rainbow, her felt is what I have used for Albies Hat, it is recycled and comes in lots of colours.

Lastly is Clara from the rainbowroom, lots of gorgeous supplies to make your own felt, lots of lovely handmade felty goodies and lots of rainbows!

Hope you have enjoyed my Felty Friday Favourites



theothermousie said...

Woah!!! Felty heaven - sooooooooooo gorgeous!! I could stare at this page all day!!!!

The Rainbow Room said...

Thanks so much for the lovely feature amongst these other 'Felt Greats' : )

Mollimoo said...

Gorgeous choices & just what everyone needs...oodles of felty colour! Great! x

GiddyStuff said...

So bright and cheerful, just what we need with thisextra snow x

Minifelts said...

Lovely choices, must admit I'm a bit of a fan of felt too! Love all those bright colours :)