Sunday, 14 February 2010

Myfanwy & Martyn's Wedding

This weekend we have been to Wales for Robs sisters wedding. Not going into the ins and outs of the in-law issues but needless to say nothing changes!

So the wedding, it was a Wonderful day, Maf looked beautiful, her dress was antique gold with lots of embroidery, pearls, seqenes and sparkle, like a real princess. Maf is also Graces Godmother so it was lovely that she asked Grace to be a bridesmaid especially as we don't see Robs family very often as they live so far away. Unfortunately things didn't go completely to plan, Grace didn't exactly want to be bridesmaid, now if you know Grace you know she is very shy and really doesn't like crowds especially people she doesn't know, so this didn't really come as a surprise to me but it didn't go down too well with the MIL! In the end it all went well until the evening when Grace decided enough was enough and became rather ill! Anyway, I thought you would like to see my beautiful Princess!



theothermousie said...

WOW Sarah - your Grace is a true princess - she looks stunning!! I don't blame poor Grace for not wanting to play along with everyone, my lot are just the same. She knows her own mind & what she likes & dislikes - good for her. xx

Christals Creations said...

Aww bless she looked beautiful. . . though not particularly enthralled. . . xxx

Nic said...

Aww bless your little princess!! She looks lovely. I don't blame her either. My little girl was our bridesmaid when she was 3. I said I didn't mind if she didn't want to be on the pics, do all the bridesmaid things as long as she was happy. MIL had other ideas and thought she would show Lou who was boss...sadly for her, Lou won and MIL looked stupid.